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Press House was established in 2007 where it specializes in importing and selling printing supplies (papers and inks) for offset, digital printing, and lamination rolls by dealing with major paper and ink companies in Europe and Asia. It has many customers from major ministries, government institutions, printing presses and cardboard factories in Doha.


We offer a range of distinctive services

Offset printing supplies

Trades in offset printing supplies (inks and all types of printing paper) from all countries of the world

Printing supplies

Meeting the needs of major governmental and non-governmental printing presses (printing paper, toners, chemicals, and spare parts)

All printing materials

Importers of all printing materials from major companies (European, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese) and paper manufacturers in all countries of the world

Spare parts and maintenance

Provide spare parts and maintenance for offset printing machines

Lamination protection

Trade in Lamination layers for offset and digital prints

Printing Pallets

Trade in printing pallets for all offset machines


Trade in chemicals for offset printing machines

Special inks

Trade in inks for offset and digital printing presses

Envelopes of all sizes

Trade in envelopes of all sizes, shapes, and materials from all countries of the world

Photographic paper

Trade in photographic paper of all sizes, fines and all international raw materials

Papers, envelopes, and inks

Meeting the needs of ministries, authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and private requirements of printing and photocopying (papers, envelopes, and inks)

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Area 71, Street 73, Building 36 - Al-Kharaitiyat. Doha

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P O Box : 7802

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